Home and away. . .

Weekends like these are hard and boring. My other half, A, works and lives abroad so we see each other every alternate weekend. That’s not so bad some may say, but after 6 years together every day, the past year and a half have been all about adapting and coping.  We make it a point to see each other every ten days, so ten has become my lucky number. I never signed up for this type of relationship – it’s hard, full of surprises and bloody expensive, but so far so good.  Separation puts you to the test, but if you succeed than consider yourself lucky and truly cherished 🙂 Many people consider me crazy, I see them roll their eyes at me when I tell them that I go visit every 4 weeks, they tell me that they could never do it etc. The way I see it, if something is worth fighting for and working upon, then go for it! We both work hard at keeping things fresh and special, and something must be working since we’re getting married next summer! He’s the only one who can put up with me and my ways, so he’s definitely for keeps. I’m not that bad though really. We somehow compensate very nicely for the other’s inadequacies. But that’s opening a whole can of worms for now…bonjour everyone 🙂


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