War and Peace

So with the wedding soon approaching, mum and I are off to the sister island tomorrow to check out everything it seems. We have clothes, furniture, lighting and shoes on the agenda. All in one day! I get a headache just thinking about it alone. We’re bound to get into an argument or two – spending too much time together always ends up in a fight somehow. ¬†Sometimes the fights still involve foot stomping and walking quickly away from the other party (that’s me usually), and her asking me how old I am again. Mum forgives and forgets easily. On the other hand, I am the classical stubborn mule. My star sign totally suits me – bring on the bull! Tomorrow should be interesting…

I went to hear mass yesterday in this lovely chapel. It’s set up on a bit of a high point so you get to see the most amazing views and with yesterday’s lovely weather, the effect was superb. The chapel itself is small and so serene. Everything is on a micro-version and the colours and the natural lighting make it a truly special place. It’s cosiness offers what bigger and colder churches lack – the ability to close in on yourself and indulge in your thoughts and prayers. That, in my opinion, is having a true connection with God.


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