Where do we go?

We spent a whole weekend looking up possible honeymoon sites. This holiday is proving our most difficult one to date. A suggested Hong Kong – me, not too keen. We both love Australia and New Zealand, but it’ll be winter time over there and all the tours we found leave from LAX. I love the idea of going round America and visiting new cities there – A needs a bit more convincing on that.  We had partially agreed to Chile, but that is now obviously out. I saw a Round-the-World tour, but the time spent on planes exceeds the time you actually have on land. This is confusion at its’ best. We have two weeks we can spare on this blessed honeymoon, and we can’t find a place to go. Help anyone?!


2 thoughts on “Where do we go?

  1. we had decided to stay in europe so we’d spend as little time as possible flying and more time enjoying the holiday since we only had 10 days for it. since it was europe we decided to stick to places which were meaningful to us, namely pisa and barcelona (where we went on our first holiday together) and paris (where he proposed and the place we love the most).

  2. That makes perfect sense. However our first holiday was London, and with him being in England, we want to get out of Europe! We also were thinking that it can be somewhere far off, so that if and when kids come along, we can at least say we had that one crazy holiday that you can never take with children! But the ‘where’ is so difficult!!

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