It’s Raining, it’s pouring…

I’m enjoying A here this weekend, though the weather is ultra-crappy! It’s nice visiting him in England, but having him here, at home, is way better. We went out for dinner yesterday with another couple and did some catching up. They’re also getting married this year, so while us girls were comparing notes about wedding preparations, the guys were talking football (I have to add at this point, poor poor Milan fans :)). The idea was to go a wine-bar after dinner and have a drink there, but three bottles of Simonsig later we left the restaurant and headed straight for home. A bit tipsy, tipsy, full-out drunk!

I had loads of wedding appointments this week, which thankfully all went well. The most exciting was getting the bridesmaids to try on their dresses. Not to sound offish, but I love their dress! I wish I had a dress like theirs when I was a bridesmaid 😉 Instead I got the puffy-sleeves, mint/peach/pink dress which has the ultimate misfortunate of actually being caught on a photo or worst still, a video. From afar it looks like a walking, colourful muffin or cupcake, or better still, considering the colours, an explosion of a cotton candy machine! Being younger(therefore skinnier), all that shows is my head and twig-like arms. The rest is a bubble of colour. And the hair…oh the hair! My least favourite and most amusing and funny style is the updo with those few wisps of hair left loose round the face, all nicely curled. At the beginning of the evening, the hairstyle would be ok (it could never be better than ok), however during the course of the evening, add some humidity and heat (not hard at all here on the island), the curls would lose their curl, and the hair would just seem to be dangling down, as if you had run a marathon and ended up with hair stuck to your forehead with sweat and perspiration. The elaborate upstyle at the back would stay put however. I remember removing hair pins all day long the day afterwards, along with the worst headache ever. The poor hair would need two or three washes before beginning to appear normal. I wish I could break into my cousins’/aunts’/uncles’ homes and destroy this hideous evidence! Alas, not. These photos/videos still haunt me whenever I go to visit my cousins/aunts/uncles. They’re set in silver frames, set proudly on the centre table, making them impossible to miss. The worst is having A with me. My relatives seem to go out of their way to show him the pictures and the video footage, as they’re actually images of myself I want him to see. Come to think of it, he’s had some good laughs thanks to this/to me.

Don’t these dresses just make you crave sweets 🙂

The other exciting thing was having my hairdresser try out some wedding hair styles! I felt like a princess having my hair turned around, pinned back, hair-sprayed to place, wedding comb put on, veil set in place and the hairdresser taking pics of me. Three hours never passed so quickly! I think I decided on a style but I have my final trial at the end of the month. I’m driving my hairdresser crazy poor thing, but she’s patient and seems to get me, so I trust her blindly.

Less of these two please……

…and a bit more of this, thank you.


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