Gobble me up!

I’ve been told that brides-to-be lose weight before their wedding due to stress and the whole lot. In my case, I think the exact opposite is happening!  I can’t stop eating. I wanted to fast during Lent, but seems I’m eating more and more. To double the damage, I’ve become lazier by the day. I’m blaming the cold weather, the rain, work, mum lighting up the fireplace – everything, to stay inside. In January I had an exercise fit so I overdid it (now that I think of it) on tracksuits and gym apparel. I was keeping a food diary and sticking to main meals and snacking only on fruit. Not anymore! A has also done the unthinkable and commented on this – god!! My pants are becoming tight so I’m wearing long cardies and jackets or dresses. My mum, who is blessed with the neatest figure ever even though she eats EVERYTHING in sight, also told me that a particular pair of trousers seemed tight from behind! (She tries to say it gracefully without offending me, knowing I’m like a volatile weapon these days). So I got the message and I’m now trying to find out what it feels like to be hungry again…and it sucks 😦 All the tasty things are fattening! I’m trying to snack on cereal and fruit and reduce the carbs, since the latter are my worst enemy! A couple of years back I tried out the Atkins Diet, but after two weeks of that, I couldn’t take it anymore, and thanks to that I still can’t bear to eat avocados….imagine having a whole fried one for breakfast. I did it once. Yuck. So I’m going to try and do it moderately but hopefully by next month I’ll still be this careful. I have two weddings in April and May, so that’s keeping me motivated. Otherwise I’ll have to leave the two brand-new colourful dresses I have in the wardrobe, and put on the drab, black ones!

So for now  it’s brown bread, special K, nuts, skimmed milk, soups and aspen light bars for company. Highlight of the day – a light yoghurt!

I’ll take this moment to bid farewell to chocolates, Jelly Belly’s, marshmallows, pizzas, Chinese take-outs and McFlurrys.

It was so so so good while it lasted.

Not me. Yet.


4 thoughts on “Gobble me up!

  1. 🙂 if it’s any consolation, i put on about 5 kgs in the run-up to our wedding and i’m usually the type who loses weight when stressed! i too couldn;t stop eating and snacking on junk so a couple of months before i started to eat low GI. Not only did I lose the weight I had put on, but my skin was clearer, I had more energy, no headaches. I felt great!It’s the healthiest way to eat, whether you want to lose weight or not.There’s a book I can recommend if you want.(The weight I lost due to stress was the last couple of days before the wedding, believe it or not).

  2. I need all the help I can get at this stage lol! Yes, I’d love the book title mau! It’s day 3 of my ‘getting to rediscover hunger’ experience…heh. Fingers crossed xxx

    • it’s called ‘the gi diet plan’ by helen foster. i think it’s out of print though. but any book about gi is good. helen foster has got other books about low gi eating though and there’s a lot of info online. it’s really worth a try!

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