La Bella Sicilia!

I think I dreamt of Sicily last night because I woke up thinking and yearning to be there! The food, the granita, the coffee…..We visited there two years ago and it was one of the best holidays we ever had! We stayed at the most beautiful place ever called Casa Talia in Modica. They are separate rooms with your own terrace and it has an ‘agriturismo’ element because breakfast is made by the owner’s wife. So we had fresh croissants, marmalade, chutneys, yoghurt, coffee, bread…yummy! As aptly described on their website, breakfast was indeed served beneath the fig tree! And the view from the place was spectacular, especially during the night. ¬†Since we’re still undecided about the honeymoon’s where and when, we always have the option of five days in Sicily. Only this time with a GPS please! Two years ago we rented a car without GPS and we only had printed maps from Yahoo which did not match at all. Imagine looking for a right turn at the end of a street and only finding a left, or trying to find the fifth exit from a roundabout, when there are only four. But we always managed to arrive at our destination.

~Day time~

~Night time~

~ Breakfast area ~


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