Let there be light!

Heaps of things I need to do or attend to are just cropping up by the minute. I haven’t been able to update my blog as often as I would have wished to, because there is simply no time. At the moment, every possible thing that could possibly go wrong, seems to be heading in that direction. So on the afternoon I plan to catch up with some things, what happens? The electricity is just cut off for a whole four hours! What do I end up doing instead? Drink coffee after coffee with mum at home. We then head to Arkadia where it seems the whole of Gozo has met up, together with the noise, children running and crying and mothers screaming. But at least there’s light!

Apart from the wedding, we’re currently about to start our dream project and build the house we always wanted. So it’s meeting up with the architect one day, MEPA the next, money we can’t afford at the moment is just pouring out, and as much as I understand A’s reasons for leaving the island, at times like this I just wish he’d stay here and help me with things. Then again, no not really. Thank God his father helps me with everything I need, and I always know he’s just a call away. But some decisions have to be A’s and mines only, so it’s emails and attachments one after the other, phone-calls and MSN all the way. When I take a break from that, it’s back to the wedding again. I feel as if I’m in the midst of a hurricane sometimes. I need a breather, so I’ve started walking. I set up a walking playlist on my ipod, put in the loudest songs I have stored there, and just walk. I listen to Daft Punk, the Foo Fighters, Madonna and Nirvana and just walk into the countryside. And for twenty minutes I forget everything, I clear my mind and head home where I’m calm and relaxed for a couple of minutes and then reality sets in again. But having that short time for myself helps me charge myself and prioritize things according to urgency and importance.

Going back to our ‘house’ (at the moment it’s a plot of land with rubble walls heh), I visited the Eco-Home Fair held last weekend at MFCC with friends of mine. One of the stands belonged to a home-decorations shop in Malta. I once heard it being advertised on the radio, and you could tell immediately what it sold and to whom. So when I saw it, I realized I was right. Life-size animal statues, Egyptian mummies’ statues, gold ‘n gaudy chandeliers, indoor fountains…they had everything. Their box-like stand was one big blob of light. Everything was lit on and being reflected onto the other atrocity there. So I whisked out my mobile phone and took a picture to send to A, since he frequently tells me that our house has to be furnished by this shop …. wait, he is joking! All of a sudden a woman having the worst black roots ever, rushes over. She’s a bit on the chubby side, with black leggings that are so stretched they are actually visible throughout at some places, and wearing enough gold bangles to weigh her hands down to the side. She comes up to me and barks at me, No Photos! My friends and I were honestly a bit scared of her. So we just nodded, turned away and then started laughing so much that we couldn’t stop.

It didn’t matter though, cos I had taken the photo I wanted, and sent it to A. He confirmed that the shop was our number one destination to finish our home, and together we identified the crystal chandelier we wanted, the two lion statues that would look so lovely on either side of the door and the Egyptian-themed bar we would have inside.


4 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. isn’t it funny we chose the same name for today’s post? πŸ˜€ btw, i always wanted to have a life-size leopard statue in the hall…please tell me which shop sells them! (not!!!)
    ps- can we see the picture you took at the fair? πŸ™‚

  2. I just saw yours now!! Heh I put up the pic…enjoy. We decided on lions since we couldn’t agree on what breed of dog we wanted. I wanted a poodle, but A (living in England) wanted a bulldog. So we both agreed on lions πŸ™‚

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