It’s sunny again in my world :)

After last weekend’s gloom and doom, I’m starting to feel better again, and am overly excited that A is arriving in just 36 hours! The past 3 weeks could not have passed more slowly! I’m slightly worried about those damned poppers, but we’ll see what will happen then.  I told A to leave them there, but he’s now determined to bring them here one way or the other. It’s us v. the airport.

I had a friend’s hens party last weekend. Another super-organized friend set everything up, and I say ‘super-organized’ for a reason. She had a folder (pink of course), full of games and instructions and the time to start each one. She gave us phallic pens, straws and paper to write down things for the bride-to-be. She tried to synchronize the CD she made according to the games we were supposed to play. Because, of course,  once we started having some drinks we ended conveniently forgetting about the games, and we all wanted to see the gifts she received. Which were lovely!! She got enough lingerie to  last her a lifetime! It was nice meeting up old friends who still remain good friends after all this time. Apart from one or two, I don’t meet up with them as regularly as I did years ago when I was single and we used to go out everyday, but it’s never uncomfortable meeting up after a long period, and we always find tons to say. We’ve all grown up, have different lives from then, but somehow when we meet up, we all go back to being the carefree 20 year olds we once were, chatting away and laughing at stupid things which happened to us once upon a time. And it’s comforting to know that your past memories have been shared with people who still cherish those memories, and who still remember them as clearly as you do. For that, I’m grateful 🙂


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