Belated Easter Wishes!

How rude am I not to have even wished you and your families a Happy Easter!! I do apologize. My excuse? A’s here πŸ™‚

The weekend was beautiful – the weather was the best we could have and yesterday was a special day spent with all my loved ones. I ate and over-ate and am nauseous from all the eggs, figolli and chocolates I consumed..I do hope they put me off sweet things for the coming weeks! We met up with A’s cousin yesterday who was spending the weekend on the island. She has three young boys, ages ranging from one to six!! They are the sweetest boys ever. They’re cheeky, mischievous and the eldest two were running around Xlendi throwing rocks into the sea, but they have the nicest manners I’ve ever seen in children. They were constantly looking out for their other brothers, talking slowly and softly and using their ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’. Of course, having three boys that young is not easy, however good-mannered they are. They are children after all, but after some children and parents I saw this weekend in Gozo (saw, heard and tried to avoid), they were absolutely charming πŸ™‚


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