With A doing what he does for a living, and me being the carefree type, we do get into the odd argument every now and then, regarding my diet. More accurately, my very strong sweet tooth. So I try and go sugar-free whenever I can, especially with A around. Yesterday I went into a newsagent and while I was buying my monthly mag, the liquorice Menthos caught my eye. So as not to feel guilty, I then bought the sugar-free Menthos as well. So while I was driving, I started off with the fully sugar-loaded Menthos. And whilst chewing, I had the most awful, nails-down-a-blackboard crunching sensation ever. Just like biting on and chewing a pebble. I grabbed a tissue and looked down at my filling, mingled with the Menthos. It had come out with the sweet 😦 I had to pull over because at that point I must have been a sight, driving up the main road in Victoria, spitting out sweets and tooth fillings, letting out a scream and becoming red in the face with my panic! I called A and told him that whilst having a sugar-free Menthos (of course!) the filling came out. I went over to his place, and as luck would have it, he had the temporary filling material, and therefore solved my problem, if only temporarily. A has had a long and weary crusade-like battle with my teeth from when I trusted him enough to look at them. He never seems to give up on me, and is always giving me tooth-paste, floss, cleaning materials and tools, leaflets and everything else. And I act all bitch-like and buy Menthos. I know…I know.

I can’t help thinking though, that I’m being sent signals from every direction to stop with the sugary sweets, but I’m being too headstrong to take heed of them! Time to change!!


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