Margo’s at Mistra – yummy!!

Thankfully, the lingering smell of fish and sweat has nearly disappeared for good. The Yankee candles I have lit up in every corner, are doing their job marvelously! So I can tell you about the amazing pizza I had yesterday.

We went to the sister island – to Margo’s exactly. It’s at Mistra Bay, and A has been wanting to go for quite a while. A may not live here anymore, but he’s more informed about the good places to go to, than I am! Our Maltese friends invited us over for dinner since A’s here, and he got to choose as well, so off we went. The road getting there is quite scary. It was dark and windy yesterday, there are no lights along the way, and the only lights you eventually see are the restaurant’s. From outside, the place looks like an old church, and the inside is simple but really cosy. It specializes in pizza, and apart from those, you only have lasagne, chicken caesar salad and some other dish. But I think everyone goes there for the pizza, because they advertise themselves as being the only restaurant on the island serving Neapolitan pizza. The pizzas’ descriptions are unlike anything I’ve seen before – each pizza has a paragraph describing not only ingredients, but also the history and a story or two that goes along with it! We were served home-made potato chips which were covered with salt and garlic, and they were too good! But not as good as the pizza. The toppings are not over-abundant as is often the case, but this allows you to savour and appreciate the crust which was perfect. Thin, chewy and full of flavour! I opted for the l’affumicata, which had smoked pork on, and A had the Maltese one, and both were so tasty! We had to have desert, so we both had the orgasmic chocolate mousse. It’s served in a glass jar, together with its’ top on, and it was so chocolatey and rich, that I put the lid back on, and in true Gozitan-style, took it home with me. The other Maltese did the same though as well. I can’t imagine anyone having all that chocolate at one go, and remain seated – it is one energy booster!

I’d definitely recommend the place. The place may be a bit hard to arrive at – the roads are good, but if you go on a typical windy winter’s night like yesterday, don’t go alone! I was with A, and locked all doors and was driving with my brights on, but it was totally worth it!


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