Rain and Fish…

The wedding season, for me, officially starts tomorrow…and it’s 7 weddings in 5 months, if I’m not surprised and find another invite in the mail. Fingers crossed for my friend tomorrow, I do hope the rain will hold on a bit more but seeing the weather forecast, I’m not so sure she’ll be that lucky! Though they do say rain on your wedding day brings you luck. I would stay inside and get married by proxy. Joking!..Or am I?

Having scoured the internet for weeks now, trying to find a honeymoon we like and which is not too long, and failing miserably, A is setting up our honeymoon himself. He had time on his hand this week, since he’s on holiday at the mo. So fingers crossed we’ll have that sorted out by the end of this week.

On a totally different level, just had someone leave my office now. He stank, and I mean STANK of fish and sweat. Whoever knows me knows I can’t bear fish as it is, let alone its’ lingering smell on someone’s shirt. I just lit up my Black Cherry Yankee candle praying it burns fast and maybe manages to cover this godawful smell! I don’t know about you, but if you have an appointment with someone, or intend to visit someone, couldn’t you at least try to be presentable, have a quick shower or at least change your shirt? I’m definitely sure this guy has been sleeping and living in this shirt for days now. Unfortunately for me, I also know what he had for dinner yesterday…yuck!!!


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