Flick your indicators…if not use your finger!

By nature, I’m very patient. Working with people like I do, I’ve learnt to hold back, at times, what I really want to say. I’ve learnt that some people will always hear what they want to, and there is no use in trying to explain things to them. So when I meet someone who has a steel wall erected between myself and their brain, I give up, agree with them whole-heartedly and nod as if my neck is having constant and serious tics.

However, whilst driving, things change. I’m not the world’s best driver, but I do know where my indicator lights are at, and I know that when I want to stop my car while driving, I use them. I think the waving with the right arm outside the window to indicate where I’m going, stopped being used in the last century. And of course, if I intend to make a left turn, I do not flick on my right hand indicators!! I was in Sliema last week and a car halted to a stop in front of Zara, and the car behind it had to make a sudden break to prevent crashing into it. The second car’s drived yelled ‘Where are your indicators?’ (followed by @?!?”??@@). The first car’s driver came out, all 200kg of him God bless him, dragging on a cigarette, and told him “They’re sleeping at home”. I was walking past them when this happened, and I strongly wanted to say something, but the first driver seemed a bit scary, so I chickened out.

Another driving pet peeve of mine? Driving slowly on the outer lane! Two lane streets give you the option of driving fast or at a lesser speed. If you prefer the latter, drive so by all means, but keep to the inner lane! Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to overtake someone who is driving at 40k/hr on the outer lane. I’ve tried flicking bright lights, beeping my horn and using sign language hoping the driver will see me from his car. But to no avail. Then when I dare to inner take/under take him, whatever the term, I see the driver grumbling and making gestures with his hands! Ugh, I can’t stand that! Along with tens of other examples I could mention – heavy vehicles driving on the outer lane, but when they see you trying to inner/under take them, they gradually start switching lanes, while you’re driving in that lane!! Or the very cautious, very very cautious drivers, who drive past a 70km/hr speed camera at 50km/hr. Can’t wardens book underspeeders as well? They are quite dangerous to have driving about as well, no?!  And what about the infamous Sunday drivers? I could go on and on…

I’ve told A that I’d like to patent a mechanism, where you place a screen on the front part of your car, communicate it with your dashboard, and give a phrase a certain number, so that when you press number one (1), the screen will show, in bright red, “Get on the inner lane idiot”, number two (2) would tell the driver “Use the indicators next time”….and the higher the number, the more serious the phrase. I’d imagine pressing number ten (10) a couple of times…

I’ve driven in England and Ireland and driving there is heavenly. Everyone sticks to their lane, indicators are always used and everyone gives you the right of way. The bus drivers are so polite and they still manage to put a smile on my face when they greet me with a ‘Good morning luv’, even though I’ve heard it a hundred times now. Why oh why can’t we have some of their manners, some of their smiles and good nature? Why do we have to be so angry at times, so ignorant and so unthoughtful? I visited Athens, which in  my opinion is a city which rivals our island when it comes to manners, especially when driving. We took a taxi upon arriving, and I swear I thought that we would never reach the hotel alive! The driver was not wearing a seat belt, he was spitting out of the window, and crossing lanes like crazy. I spent the whole trip with my eyes closed, and could hear the other cars beeping horns and exchanging far from kind words, which even though were Greek (literally) to me, I could clearly tell that they weren’t wishing each other a happy morning. Poor A’s hands were dark red by the end of the trip. I think it’s the only city I’ve ever visited which I swore I would never ever go to again. I prefer the ‘hello’, ‘good day’ and ‘thank you”s a million times over!


4 thoughts on “Flick your indicators…if not use your finger!

  1. Lol. It’s a Mediterranean thing. When I’m back in Malta, it’s like someone’s flicked a switch: the road rage returns with a vengeance.

    Having said that, I can assure you that driving in India is even worse. There, it isn’t a case of changing lanes haphazardly with no indicators. Lanes are wherever you want them to be: they just don’t exist!

  2. Lol after seeing a documentary on India on TV a couple of years ago, I’m definitely not going there…they’d have me committed within hours! Driving here is bad enough!!

  3. I’ve just read your About section – I’m getting married next July and probably moving to England as well afterwards…we’ll see, we’ll see 🙂

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