My next visit to England is planned for next Thursday, though that seems highly improbable now. I can’t believe that volcanic ash, from Iceland, is preventing me from leaving Malta and going to visit A in Canterbury…blah! During these 20 months A’s been abroad, several of our flights have nearly been cancelled – we’ve had snow storms (on his part), strong gale-like winds (my part), swine flu, being sick (my part), airport and airline strikes all come in our way, but we never missed a flight. Now it seems that it’s time for a first. I’m so angry and p*** off because I’ve been looking forward to this visit for weeks now. I’m supposed to buy my Dune wedding shoes, spend a day in A’s clinic (not very enthusiastic about that…), go check out River Island’s new bags (very enthusiastic about that). But it seems I’m going to be stuck here, alone, again.

Talk about natural disasters… this is my own personal one 😦


4 thoughts on “Seriously?!

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