Will I…or not?

So my fingers are literally numb from pressing the refresh button on the bbc webpage…will I leave on Thursday or not? I’m receiving conflicting answers – it’s a yes from one source, a maybe from another, and deep down I’m convinced it’s a no…But as yet I have no definite answer, so I’m hoping, I’m praying and I’m wishing things return to normal because I want to leave!! My fingers and the rest of my body are crossed, I’m calling on Lady Luck to show me a good turn of events, and maybe, just maybe, I can grab my blessed flight to England!

By the way, I’ve officially boycotted Iceland off my to-visit places. Thank you Eyjafjallajokull – you’ve been dormant for 200+ years, why now?!?


3 thoughts on “Will I…or not?

  1. It’s looking positive, at last!! Hope you have a good trip, despite possible delays and what not! My friend is also coming over tomorrow – you might even be on the same flight haha.

    Lol – I wonder whether anyone’s figured out how to say Eyjafjallajokull yet!!!

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