Hairy every after…

I went and did my hair today, because tomorrow I’m going to the airport (at least I’m sure I’ll be going there tomorrow. Further from that, I’m not sure at all). My hair is long, and thick and while it’s great to style and nice to look at, it’s one hell of a hassle to take care of. It’s length makes it nearly impossible for me to wash and style myself, so it’s always left to my poor hairdresser, dearest L, to take care of me – it.  I’ve had very rude people touch my hair and scalp and asking me whether I have extensions on. Yes, it’s true – in fact I’ve just been told today that someone went to my hair stylist asking for my identical extensions, colour and all. The funny thing is, due to its’ length and thickness, I only highlight my crown area, and the back part has been neglected for a couple of months now. (I’ve been told that I use more foil pieces for my crown area, than normal people use for their full head) My natural brown and blonde highlights blend quite nicely, hey if that’s the colour they want, then go ahead!

I don’t know about you, but at the moment I’m full of baby hair up there. I have a mini-fringe growing at the moment and it’s driving me crazy! So dearest L suggested I buy the Dercos hair vitamins, which I did and started using today. Thing is, it’s not only the baby hair which will grow, but my full head of hair. Dearest L is constantly amazed by my hair, because apparently after your mid-20s, hair growth decreases. Mine hasn’t. In fact, I can’t keep up with my roots and I’m regularly trimming it, because it’s even too long for the upstyle I want for my wedding! . And considering I blow dry it every week, highlight it using bleach every other month, it’s still strong God bless! So after finishing these hair vitamings I’ve started, I can’t imagine it growing any longer! I’ll probably just become a hippie.

Just like L told me…I’ll prob have to book 2 seats coming back to Malta. One for me and one for my hair!


6 thoughts on “Hairy every after…

  1. 😀 it’s comforting knowing someone else has the same problem! i can’t keep up with my roots (dearest L was amazed I had managed to wait 6 weeks for the latest appointment…with over an inch of roots!) and also the weight of it and the time it takes just to wash it. it will look great on your wedding day though 😉

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