Spring is in the air :)

Spring was in the air last weekend. The weather was absolutely lovely (dahhhling) and apparently the weather in England was better than that in Malta – go figure! So last Saturday we all agreed that weather-permitting, we’d make a BBQ out at our place. A has a lovely porch overlooking the river passing by, and it’s the ideal place to set everything up.

Even the ducks were out at Waters Edge!

The weather started off a bit dark and gloomy but by the time the boys started setting up the cheap-but-efficient Sainsbury disposable BBQ kit, it was sunny, though a bit windy.

We had a small incident when the boys left the cardboard box underneath the BBQ, and the box caught fire, but no permanent damage was left on the table.

As always, we had enough food to feed much more than the five we actually were. Our Greek friend made delicious souvlaki for us, his girlfriend made the tastiest and most light wholemeal bread I’ve ever tasted, and the latest addition to our small group – another Greek, brought the ice-cream. We had chicken marinated in beer, pork souvlaki, beef skewers and bread and dips. Together with beer and later on wine, the afternoon was a beautiful one.

We wrapped things up with a Colomba (especially brought in by yours truly), some fresh strawberries, ice-cream and coffee, and things could not be better. We all had to undo the first button of our jeans, but it was a special afternoon. We laughed and we talked. I had my eyebrows made over by my Slovak friend, and we all ended up playing poker, where it seemed that we were playing for 5million…not the actual 5 pounds we initially put in the kitty. The ‘newest’ Greek, so to say, is fluent in Italian and not so in English, so it was funny hearing her say that she was hearing ‘rumours’ in the night (Italian ‘rumore’), and that she had to buy new ‘coperts’ (Italian ‘coperte’).

Before we knew it, it was 10pm and everyone had to leave to catch up with another episode from Wisteria Lane. A and I cleaned up, loaded the washing machine and dishwasher, and after channel-hopping for a couple of minutes, we called it a night.

Sundays can be the most beautiful or the saddest day of the week. When I’m alone on the rock, all I do on a Sunday is absolutely nothing. I spend the whole day in my pj’s, watching dvd’s, comedy re-runs which I’ve all seen already, and snack this and that, and overload on coffee. When the evening arrives I thank God the day is almost over. When A’s here, or when I’m in England things are very different of course. It’s a cliche, but totally true – when you’re enjoying something, time flies by, but when you’re not, nothing drags more slowly than the hands of that damned clock!


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