Birthday boy!

It's yummy even just to look at!!

Good morning everyone! My dearest A is celebrating his birthday today and he came to visit us all on the island for the occasion – well not exactly, but it’s a fitting coincidence 🙂 We’ve been together for nearly 8 years and I know realize how young we still were at that time. In reality however 21/22 is not a terribly young age, but when I look at people today who are in their very early 20s, I can’t help thinking ‘Were we that young when we first met?’ It’s not the growing old part that I miss from back then, but the carefree attitude we had. We were both at university, we met during summer where I had a very flexible summer job and he didn’t do anything except laze around all summer by the sea. What I remember so well are the talks we had at the beginning. We used to meet every night at a bar, which has now sadly closed, sit on its’ outdoor terrace with a drink, and chat for 3 hours straight. We did that for a whole week before we sealed the deal and became boy/girlfriend. We used to go home at 1-2 in the morning, I used to wake up for work early the next morning, I’d be finished at noon, and we’d do the same thing every day for the whole summer. It was one of the best times of my life.

So I still haven’t met A yet because at the moment he’s probably catching up on some much-needed sleep since he arrived in Malta early morning, and I was relieved of my duty to go for him at the airport. So I’ll give him an hour more and then start bombarding him with calls and messages. I might treat him for a nice lunch by the seaside since it’s a beautiful day. Tonight we meet up with friends. And tomorrow we have our pre-wedding photo session! I’ve never done any sessions of any kind, so I’m scared/excited as to how the morning will turn out. We chose three places which will offer a lovely back-set against the pics, and fingers crossed that the clear and blue skies hold out till tomorrow. My biggest problem is what to wear though. And do you change outfits mid-way through? I think I’m going for something very simple and light, but I have to see how the clothes fit on me….yikes! Since Tuesday I’ve been on this mean diet where I’m practically living off liquids, just so I can fit into a pair of trousers which unsurprisingly enough, does not fit me anymore – at least not in the way it’s supposed to. If it was a snug fit before, it ended up being impossible to pull up from my knees upwards, and the word ‘tight-fit’ was given a new meaning. So tonight, I’ll try and see if I manage to at least pull them up to my waist. I’ve bought the anti-cellulite creams (even though I’m very sceptic about this, the fact that I”m putting it on soothes my conscience) and found these fat-burning pills (which I’m even more sceptic about) which are supposed to make me drink loads of water and fill me up with, if I’m not mistaken, fibre since it’s what they’re all about. However truth be told, I am drinking lots of water, so at least that’s something good to come out of all this. There’s a downside to all this obviously, because I have to visit the ladies room every half an hour or so, and the worst time for this is during night-time. But if my pants fit and that lumpy cellulite goes away, even just a tad, I’ll be happy and it’ll all have been worth it!


One thought on “Birthday boy!

  1. you’re taking me back a year! we too had done a pre-wedding shoot (which we incorporated in our complicated invite…one day i’ll share). i had changed my top because the first two places were just g and me, then maia joined so the mood was different. as for the cellulite cream…i too used one and it had helped (a teeny little bit), though i think it was more the massaging action that helped i think.

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