I was flicking through the television channels yesterday evening, and having nothing in particular to watch, I ended up watching a local programme, where the guest was none other than the locally reknowned revolutionarist, call him if you may, Norman Lowell.

We all have the freedom of speech, of expression and the right to do so without fear of persecution. However some things which were said yesterday evening by him, were totally outrageous.  And while for many, including myself,  it’s just a case of comedic television, of laughing off his ideas and forgetting them the next, for some it can be more dangerous. There are those who truly share his ideas and beliefs, who support him, and they do so not as a joke. His ‘solution’ to the race problem is truly a grave one. Hearing him seriously discuss the way he will deal with races other than ours, is disturbing.

The lighter part of the discussion came when he showed the public his art gallery, where various pieces of art, done by himself, are displayed. According to him, painting while drunk is the way art should be done because it frees you of your normal restraints. Seeing the ‘art’ he’s doing, at the prices he’s selling them (he has a piece going for half a million Euro), I was really bewildered that he would think that people could ever take him seriously – serious enough to vote for him during an election, and actually have him elected!


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