Growing older/younger

I’ve abandoned the blog for a couple of days now, and I hope this won’t become a recurring thing! I can be excused this once because I’ve only just returned to England yesterday evening….and because it’s my birthday today! Time is flying by so fast…can’t believe I turned 20….yeah, right – 30 more like! When I was half my age, 30 seemed like the start of being called ‘old’. It seemed to be such a far-off age. And now it’s here, and so far so good. It’s only just a number – at heart I still feel 18. I can act that age as well if the circumstances demand it lol šŸ™‚

We went to Westfield last Sunday in order to buy the wedding bands. Since I missed out on A buying the engagement ring, I wanted to make the most of getting the wedding ring. It was a totally beautiful experience – strangers treat you to pristine treatment, handle everything with gloves, offer you drinks, give you a cushy chair to sit on, address you as ‘madam’ and ‘sir’, and talk softly whilst using the glamorous words ‘cut, clarity, carat and colour’! We only bought my ring because A could not bring himself to spend a grand on a ring he’ll never wear – I am slowly realizing and accepting this. He can’t wear his ring on a day-to-day basis because of his work, but I’m trying to convince him that weekends should not be ruled off immediately. As yet, I’ve not yet succeeded. So anyhoo, he’ll be coming to Malta this weekend and we can settle his ring then. As for my ring, it’s dainty and delicate and the most beautiful thing ever. I think every bride-to-be says that about her ring, but it’s true šŸ™‚

I received my wedding invites and I know I have to start writing them very soon, but they’re so pretty the way they are, and I’m terrified of making a mistake, or writing in a crooked way since there is no line to write upon. I will try and purchase some gold pens and will try and find a way not to ruin them. Fingers crossed xxx

The chavtastic, loud, roudy and rude locals were flying with me yesterday evening. I call them such, because you hear them coming from a mile away, they have to make sure that everyone’s hearing them, they swear and shout on the plane, and I’m pretty sure they put on and take all their gold jewellery when going abroad. Maybe they fear their houses getting robbed while abroad? Hmmm, perhaps, perhaps.

Will have to leave now because I must start getting some work done. Talk to you later fellow-bloggers šŸ™‚ Ciao!!

7 thoughts on “Growing older/younger

  1. if it consoles you in any way, my dear husband lost his ring two weeks into the marriage. He had been taking it off at every given opportunity because he just couldn’t get used to it and finally he lost it. on a bad day i feel bad about it, on any other day i realise that a ring is just a symbol for the world to see. i see his commitment each and every day and that’s what counts.

    • Yes it’s so true. I think that wearing a ring means more to us females, then men. It’s all respect at the end of the day, not what’s round your finger.

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