The Cosmopolitan Crowd.

So this weekend, whilst in England, we had another bbq on Saturday since the weather was pleasant enough. We were a rather interesting group. A and myself, the Greek and his Slovak girlfriend, her brother and his American girlfriend, another Greek and a German. So we had Greek souvlaki, German sausages, Slovak marinated chicken, Maltese galletti and American crisps! Each and every one of us brought a piece of our country with us. We stayed up till the early hours of Sunday morning, drinking wine, whiskey and coffee and snacking on marshmallows and jelly beans. The American showed us the most funny youtube video featuring an Asian guy trying to count. I’ll try and find it and attach it here – it’s hilarious!

The German guy is quite something. He’s in his mid-30s, a redhead and gay. He’s hilarious to be with, has a wicked sense of humour and is so polite and gentle. We talked for what seemed like ages on the wedding. We talked shoes (he asked me whether I opted for Jimmy Choo’s or Manolo’s heh), how my hair would be, the flowers, make up – everything! We were looking up wedding bands online and he was telling me about this wedding article he had just read on Cosmo mag. He then showed me his Cambridge pics, featuring a young guy driving a canal down the river, whom he nicknamed ‘Lorenzo’ (on whom he has a crush of course), and we switched the conversation onto guys – how Johnny Depp just keeps getting beautiful and more beautiful with time, what is it about Tom Cruise’s features that makes gives him the off-puttish feel, and whether Jude Law will ever marry Sienna Miller. Then, my Slovak friend, being a¬†beautician, did our eyebrows, and gave us a mini-mani.

What we did as well, which I found truly enchanting, was made use of ear candles. I had never heard of them before and was a bit anxious, having someone put a tube down my ear and light it up – what with my hair and all!! But I decided to give it a go, and it’s so peaceful and relaxing. As well as the hygienic part, they help your ears feeling more clearer and much better overall! It’s an experience I’ll definitely repeat!


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