Love is in the air!

It’s finally sunny again after a weird weekend weather-wise (how’s that for a tongue-twister!) Our dearest friends got married on Sunday – the first of a long list, and it suddenly dawned on to me that our own wedding is practically around the corner! We have been friends with this particular couple for the past 4-5 years, we’ve gone out together a million times, we’ve holidayed together and the bride and myself have shared many a coffee and chats together, and seeing them last Sunday, so happy and content, was a real emotional rollercoaster! Good luck my dear friends 🙂

Talking about marriages, the other side of it that is, I was listening to a local and foreign radio in the afternoon, and both stations mentioned this blog that a particular American is keeping, wherein he lists (or rather, is trying to find) 101 ways of using a wedding dress, after his wife of 12 years left him. He talks about it not being about revenge, but simply being stuck with a wedding dress his ex-wife did not want to take with her when she left him. So the uses the dress has are funny and hilarious. Apparently he’s already a sort of celebrity in America (where it’s true, you don’t have to be a genius or do anything in particular to be such), and he’s been interviewed by the media, and is also thinking of writing a book about it. According to him, he just wanted to keep this blog in order to distract him for the pain and hardship of divorce. He was stuck with a wedding dress and didn’t know what to do with it. So his blog tells and shows different uses for it. My personal favourite – the scarecrow!

Take a look:

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