You have got to be kidding me!

I feel I must share this with you out there. If you’ve followed my writings these past few weeks, you know that I’m awaiting A’s amended certificate, without which we can’t get married. His year of birth was entered incorrectly and the Curia had to correct the certificate, a process which has proven to be long and never-ending!

So after the last phone call I made to the parish priest, whereby he rudely told me that the process was not as easy as I was thinking, I decided to try again today. After all, 3 weeks have passed! I asked for the archpriest, he answered the phone, and told me that all was ready!


It’s been ready since Friday afternoon, but notwithstanding him having my phone number, mobile number and address, he decided to wait and see if I would call….TO SEE IF I WAS STILL INTERESTED IN OBTAINING THE CERTIFICATE!!

Seriously, I’m gob smacked and totally speechless!


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