Donations please…

Nearly four weeks to the day after I first contacted the blessed archpriest, I have finally received the amended certificate. With a note attached to it – “A donation would be appreciated”. How much is a suitable donation for such a professional service…?

I’m halfway through writing the wedding invites, and after the first day’s tremors and trepidation (I wrote 8 invites in 2 hours!), I’ve established a certain pace and rhythm. I’m making stupid mistakes (“Oil Railway Street” instead of “Old Railway Street”) but I’ve a couple of extra invitations, so running out of invitations should not be a problem.

We’ve opted not to give out the usual souvenirs but instead make a donation to two of our favourite charities. I never understood the reasoning behind spending 3-5 Euro on a silver bunny, or a spoon or some other item which has no use or purpose. From experience, ours are always either given away (Mum teaches religion lessons to Year 1 children, so she hands them out to the children as a treat), or else thrown away. The only thing I know we’ve kept is a pair of salt and pepper shakers, which is usable.

So, I bought these bags you make out of paper forms, am adding some sugared almond sweets and wrapping them with a tag with both our names on it. In the end, it’s less costly than the normal souvenir (though probably not so much so!) , however I’m spending lots of time on them, because I’m an awful perfectionist and I don’t like people helping me because somehow I always find small imperfections which make me do the thing all over again! So I’ve given up working in the afternoon and am spending them instead writing invites, setting up bags and eating more almond sweets than I’m using!

I’ve also spent a whole winter making small paper roses and I’m totalled circa 4,000! They’re cute little things which a friend of mine taught me how to do! Pity they’ll be thrown at me after the mass, and left on the ground. Though mum did suggest collecting them afterwards hehe. Any volunteers?!


3 thoughts on “Donations please…

  1. ey jo,

    I really enjoy reading your pre-wedding diary:)) – full of emotions I would say – written out from your heart:))

    re : collecting the flowers – will ask d sangristan hehe – oh n do they look like the pic you have here? – if yes so cute & pretty

    off to zzzzlleeep cos toms al gozo for d funeral..:(

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