I spent the weekend looking through hundreds of hotels for our honeymoon. The internet is a true marvel and I was thinking to myself how did we ever do without. Nowadays you can Google up anything you think of, and the answer is right in front of your eyes in seconds! We found all hotels but still haven’t booked, just in case we find something else more interesting. I’m falling in love with the place a little bit more each time I look up the location. We’ll probably be doing a ‘gennata’ (crazy feat), considering the places we’re visiting and the time we have to our disposal, but it’s what we want, and I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

I’m off to the Curia this morning to see what problems they’re going to present to me now. Everyone has warned me about them, about how strict and meticulous they are, so I’m guessing it won’t be a pleasant morning. I just want the banns printed and posted, and good riddance to the lot.

With regards the donation I mentioned last time, we’re thinking of sending the least amount we can. It was their mistake, they were very rude and slow in the process and I would prefer being told, ‘You owe Euro xxx‘, then having them say ‘No, no, no we don’t accept payment, but if you would like to give a donation...’. I’m sure that if I leave this donation issue pending, I’ll soon receive a call from archpriest ‘…Just to remind you about your donation, since we haven’t received it yet’. I’m still heaving with anger from a year ago, when I did a contract and the church was involved. For the contract to be published, the church had to cede some rights. It did so…against a payment of three normal people’s annual wages. I was shocked, disgusted and full of disdain. Please practice what you preach.

The Sex and the City storm has once again hit our shores. Televisions, radios and magazines are bombarding us with interviews, premiere pictures and the trailer, and it’s working of course, because I for one, must see it. I love the bright yellow dress SJP wore for the premiere – not so much the black outfit.

Having seen Malta’s performance at the Eurovision last week, I wonder where the stylists get their ideas from. What inspires them to dress an 18 year old like a 60 year old granny-in-tranny? Her eyes took the definition of smoky eyes to a totally new level. She had a foundation cake on her face and I’m sure I could hear her skin screaming for help during the evening. Her hair seemed as stiff as a motorcycle helmet..and the dress. Oh the dress. Why couldn’t something else have been chosen – a colour, material and a style which would have better complemented her figure? I saw a piece on TV showing her before the competition and running around in a tee-shirt and jeans with just some eyeliner and mascara, she looked much slimmer and so much fresher. We must be the country who spends the most on make up and ‘stylists’ and this and that, and whose contestants always look the stiffest, the most made up and the least appropriately dressed for their age. When Saturday came, and Malta was seen giving out its’ points, the singer who read out the points was dressed in flowy material, with big flower prints on it. A messaged me and told me that he was looking forward to seeing some Malta in the background, but all he could see were big pink flowers. Ah well, we only have to wait for next year and commit the same errors and then resort to the same ‘why us?’, ‘our neighbours don’t like us’ and ‘but we had such a great performance, wonderful voice and such a charismatic singer’…Blah, blah, blah.


2 thoughts on “Jumble-wumble

  1. i’m disgusted by the donation request…we still have to give ours to the chapel where we got married. for a long time i had forgotten about it and you reminded me! maybe i suppressed the memory because it all feels like a big racket. about satc…i’m writing a blog post but am having the hardest time because i don’t want to give anything away (it’s your fault!!)! i didn’t watch anything to do with the eurovision contest this year. it’s always the same people, the same crap,the same script. enough!

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