Playboy members

Oooh how I hate abandoning you all, but it’s proving really hard trying to find some free time to write and read!! I have never spent a month trying to finish a book, as I’m doing now, and currently the only thing I have time to read and write are peoples’ names and addresses! It’s the last minute mayhem but things are looking better than they did last week. I had a wonderful weekend – we had two Sunday weddings, dinner out with friends, ordered our temp furniture, continued writing the invites, and managed an hour of sunshine! I had my dress trial yesterday, and I am so happy with my choice of dress. The only thing I’m sad about is that I only get to wear it once!

A’s next visit is for the wedding – he’ll be coming a week before when everything will hopefully be ready and settled. Two days after the wedding, we leave on our 12 day honeymoon, and then the ’emigration procedure’ starts for me. I’m planning to leave in August, if hopefully everything goes according to plan. I’m expecting some hiccups along the way but fingers crossed for a smooth process.

To something completely different – Do you imagine your 60+ female relative, walking in Msida in the morning, wearing a tight white tee with “Playboy member” printed on it? I saw it yesterday, and am still smiling 🙂 Sadly enough, she was no Playboy material, but who knows what she was thinking when she bought it?!

(Oh by the way, she was no relative of mine lol)…


2 thoughts on “Playboy members

  1. august? that’s so soon! 😦 i hope all goes well with the preps, those for emigration too! (can’t imagine the ridiculous amount of paperwork involved there but by now you’re an expert!)

    • Closing down my work here is a hassle but needs to be done. Leaving by mid-August would be ideal but I need to see how things will work out! Everything is suddenly so soon!! Can’t wait though 🙂

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