I found myself with some time to spare, and have decided to pop in here and say hi to everyone!

Everything is ready for the wedding now. I’m currently receiving RSVP’s and I’m appreciating who’s sending them because they give you a good idea of the approximate number of guests who’ll be attending. I’ve started waiting for the postman to come by every morning and see the number he would be delivering. I received 17 today which is a pretty good number.

I’m off to Malta tomorrow for my final dress trial, after which I will collect it on Monday and wear it on Saturday. And that would be all. All that planning, headaches, tears, laughs, frustrations, money, and it’s all over and done with in one afternoon. Setting out to plan a wedding, every bride-to-be knows that all the planning is just for one day. However it never stopped anyone from doing the best they can. Of course, every one has a subjective opinion of what makes up the perfect wedding. I never wanted anything over the top, but I knew what I wanted and I’ve done all I can to get it. I know that a certain group of people will complain because of this, and others will complain because of that. However I honestly don’t give a toss about that. I just want A and myself to say that everything went as we wished. Of course, whether it will all turn out okay on the day is out of my power. I’m just crossing fingers that A and I will manage to have a good time, surrounded by all our loved ones, family and friends. I read an article in a local magazine where one bride said that the best advice she was given was for herself and the groom to stop during the wedding reception, for 3-5 minutes, have a quiet drink together and look around the whole reception and appreciated what you managed to plan and seeing guests enjoying themselves. I hope I remember to do that!!

A is coming tomorrow – his last visit to Malta as a bachelor, after which he will be my husband 🙂 I have to get used to calling him that, along with changing my last name and suddenly being a wife. I can’t wait for him to come because he’s been away for nearly three weeks and even though he’s calling me an average 4 times a day, it feels so much better having him here and giving me that extra support that is needed at the moment. Knowing he’s here, and knowing he can take care of some last-minute details will be helpful!

I’m praying for sunny weather next week because I need some colour, and I’m thinking A will need it more than me, since he now has the English pallid complexion going on, and I prefer him being all tanned. We need some visits to the beach – of course I’ll be slapping on sunscreen on my face like there’s no tomorrow, but I’d love my arms and legs to have some colour and not the transculent milky colour I have going on at the moment, which makes wearing a short dress or skirt impossible. Unless I want people doing like my mother did last week – pointing her finger at my short-clad legs and telling me, ‘Oh my God you are SOOO white’….accompanied by laughs.


2 thoughts on “Tick-tock…..

  1. you should see my legs right now…they’re positively glowing they’re so white! i’m so excited for you! that was some very good advice. most of all, remember that this is YOUR day and nobody else’s. if someone complains or is not happy, it’s their problem. they’re lucky they’re even invited to share in your joy.

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