Hello from Down Under!!

After what seems like ages, and I’m sure it has been, I’ve finally returned to my blog…and this time writing from Auckland, NZ!  I’m a married lady now, with a new status and surname to match! I’m so grateful and happy the wedding went as planned and was perfect to me 🙂 We’re now on our honeymoon – we started with 2 days in Dubai, where I met an old friend of mine, and suffered suffocating and stifling heat temperatures – imagine 43 degrees in the evening…just like having a heater fan on at full blast. We’re now in the North Island of NZ, precisely at Auckland, moving on to Coromandel, Rotorua, Napier and Tapua…actually driving to those places since we rented a car and I’m praying it goes well, because the rental agency gave us an automatic car instead of a normal gear stick one. And I have to drive! It’s winter here, so the climate change has been a drastic one for us, but it’s much nicer running around the city in cool weather 🙂

Got to go now! Have a bottle of bubbly waiting for us compliments of the hotel, and we have our driving adventure to start tomorrow!!

Msg you properly from The Rock!!

JF (There go my new initials :))


3 thoughts on “Hello from Down Under!!

  1. hehe love your new initials JF:))

    ohh how come you got to drive? not the hubby? ;))

    enjoy to the max – both of you deserve it


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