What is it with us Maltese and our loud and noisy voices? Do we even know what it means to talk gently and softly, and not microphoning our every word to the four corners of the earth? I have just returned from the beach. I’m still pale and white (or at least I was until today, thankfully), and it was nearly empty bar me and a foreign couple who went to swim, and left me alone on the sandy beach reading a book I can’t seem to finish, and all was so peaceful. Then a car door could be heard opening, and noise ensued. Loud words, louder laughter and chaos transformed the beach into my own personal nightmare. A group of ladies landed on the beach, bearing coolers, chairs, tables and enough food for a week. You could not but hear into their conversation, the main topic being the recent O/A-Level Exam results. The ladies were comparing their childrens’ results and narrating tales of how they themselves could have taken the exams after all that studying. There was an enlightened moment for me when I learnt that Intermediate English is actually harder than Advanced Level English. Having an A-Level in English myself, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

The same thing happened on our way back from NZ.  Our plane stopped in Australia for refuelling, and more passengers boarded the plane from there. We were definitely sure we were going to encounter some Maltese there, and lo and behold a man comes into sight, wearing a Sydney cap, a plaid shirt and white-washed jeans. He had serious sideburns growing, and we knew in a minute he was Maltese. The first thing he said was ‘Am I seriously supposed to not smoke for the whole flight?” That confirmed our well-founded suspicions regarding his nationality.

I will not even talk about the passengers who boarded from Larnaca. I’m definitely sure they are the ones who started clapping at the end of the 3 hour flight to Malta. It got me thinking what the poor pilot who flew us for 13 hours to Dubai deserved…


2 thoughts on “Schhhhhh……..

  1. ajma josepha, you cracked me up! i hate how loud we are too. case in point is the family i was serving this morning when you popped by. they give me anxiety attacks! i’m glad i saw you and you looked radiant. married life agrees with you! 😀

    • I realized they were pushing your buttons and they were making me nervous too!

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 I am much more calm and relaxed than before the wedding. Guess it shows!

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