Too much sun will kill you…

I truly admire the elder generation at times. Those who try hard not to let old age catch up with them. Seeing them dressing up to the nines, with their immaculate hair-do’s and their oversized sunglasses and walking in pairs, either with their significant other they’re lucky to still have around, or else with a fellow gal pal, I can’t help but smile at them. I went to the bigger island yesterday (for once not to the airport), and I stopped at a place for coffee, and I was fascinated by this table of ladies  just by me, who were all over 70. They were sipping tea, chatting enthusiastically to each other and laughing at their friends’ stories. They had on matching clothes, bags and shoes and were simply delightful! They might have thought me creepy and weird because I was staring at them with a smile on my face for the whole time, and had to leave the place only because I had to go elsewhere.

Then this morning I went to Victoria and passed through the bus terminus. It was around 11am and the sun was scorching hot. However the bus terminus was full of middle-aged to elderly ladies waiting for the bus or minibus to take them somewhere. Some were sitting on benches which are normally stinking and laden with bird/pigeon crap, while others were sitting wherever they could find a place. They had on their ‘uniform’ – the bright t-shirt and the skirt or bermuda, together with socks and sandals, and the straw hat. And of course the plastic bags which were full of who-knows-what.  They were loud (no surprise there), and had sweat literally pouring out of them (which was quite visible given the bright coloured tops), and I don’t want to think about their odour. They are the type of ‘tourists’ who come up to Gozo for the day, who sometimes carry portable chairs with them, and Lidl bags full of galetti and water. I do understand their need to go out and socialize and you have to give it to them – they are quite gutsy, however travelling to Gozo on a day like today, having to wait in the boiling hot sun for God knows how long for their transport to arrive and then hopping on/off a bus/minibus for a whole day, can’t be that much fun, or healthy for them. I felt sorry for them, watching them hold onto eachother to stand up and stopping every couple of steps to wipe their faces. And at the same time I don’t understand how their families would let them be subjected to the sun, heat and total exhaustion they must feel upon returning home.

Or maybe it’s just me.


One thought on “Too much sun will kill you…

  1. it’s not just you…we’re on the same page about this one. i don’t understand how people can go to the beach from 11am to 5pm either on days like these. i can feel my skin burning just at the thought, let alone being there. i will never understand how they can stand the heat.

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