The Young Victoria

I managed to finally watch The Young Victoria since I have been wanting to see it for months and never got round to doing so. I love periodical films. When Marie Antoinette came out, I rented it out so many times, my mother eventually bought me the DVD. And when this movie about Queen Victoria was released, I knew I had to see it. There is something about the era, the dresses and outfits, and the way society appeared to be all prim and proper at times, but was exactly the opposite, that I just love. I love the old words and phrases used, and the way certain traditions were ingrained in society at the time. Both films deal with young adults who became queens – whilst Marie Antoinette was all about outrageousness and living the grand and decadent life, she was misunderstood at times, and this led to others abusing her naive character, at time almost childlike. Queen Victoria was trained to be queen from a young age – she could not go up or down the stairs without someone holding her hand, and her mother insisted upon sleeping in the same room as her. Though her childhood is portrayed as sad and quite lonely at times, she eventually meets Prince Albert who helps her find her way to reign as England’s queen through everyone’s interference. At the end of the film it says that whilst Prince Albert died in his early 40s due to typhoid, she lived till her 80s, and up until the end of her life, she continued to lay out her late husband’s clothes on the bed. She was then known as the Widow of Windsor for she continued to wear black till the end of her days.

Queen Victoria is played by Emily Blunt whom I think is one of the most beautiful actresses out there. She has this clean image about her, and her portrayal of the queen is superb!


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