Transitions, transitions…

It was a busy and a very tiring week overall. I’ve been in England for a week, and during that time I’ve packed, unpacked, packed and unpacked again, changed country, changed home and moved into a new flat. I spent the whole of Friday and Saturday with the worst back pain every, but it’s thankfully back to normal again.

Our new flat at The Mews (I love the name!) is smaller than the one A previously had. It’s a studio flat situated in the uppermost part of a building – basically in the attic. But I love its quirkiness. I love the slanting walls, which mean that A and I have banged our heads so often these past two days, we’re probably slowly entering a concussion phase and not knowing it! We have an open-plan flat, with a bathroom closed by Japanese-like shutters, and a big airy kitchen. The decor is quite modern and new, and the owner was kind enough to leave his coffee-making machine and his TV set. We had bought one at our old place, so we now have two sets – quite unnecessary, but there you go. As a result of the slating walls and ceiling, the storage rooms all have slanting doors. It’s different but I am totally in love with the place!

We spent Friday and Saturday unpacking, cleaning the place and putting everything into place. We bought some new bedsheets and cushions, and there are a hundred other things we need – things like a bathroom dustbin, candle holders and a kitchen rug, to mention a few. We had house-warming drinks and nibbles on Saturday night, and then watched Paranormal Activity – NOT the best film to watch when you’ve just moved into a new place, and we then cooked Sunday lunch yesterday, and popped over to a pub in Chesterfield for some cool Pims, with strawberries, cucumber and mint. It was a totally different Sunday in summer for me, but I’m slowly getting accustomed to the fact that this is my new life, that I now have to worry about what to cook and how to cook it, I have to learn how to properly iron A’s shirts, and that whatever needs to be done – I have to do it. We have new friends, and will hopefully form new relationships with others along the way.

The one sore point for me? The weather. I miss the sun, I miss the blue skies and I can’t believe that yesterday Malta celebrated Santa Maria, and we were wearing jackets and socks! But there you go 🙂 Of course I miss my family, I miss my car (A’s currently trying to choose a car. I say trying because while he’s looking at sporty-two door cars, I’m trying to be the sensible one and point out four-door ones. We’ll see) and I miss the ease and routine my life back on The Rock was made up of. But at the same time, I would not trade this for anything in the whole, wide world. A and I are a unit now. We’ll make up our own routine, have our own practices, our way of doing things, and our lifestyle. It’s what I always wanted and wished for, and it’s what I finally have. So I’m partially sad, but eagerly looking forward towards the future.


3 thoughts on “Transitions, transitions…

  1. i’m glad things are going well! i’ve looked up the place on google and it looks lovely! sure, you miss the sun but remember that a large portion of the population back home is craving winter! this has been the hottest week this summer (for me at least), apart from that heatwave back in june. so enjoy the rain and the cool weather and, most of all, enjoy this precious time (as i see you’re already doing :-)). also, i can imagine how much you miss your family back here but you’re lucky that you can build your own life together without anyone’s interference (if you know what i mean). x

    • Yes that’s one thing I don’t miss – the busy-bodies and interference of everyone else into your own business!!

      Dr. Josepha XuerebNotary Public MaltaMob: 9982 2730

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