Woop, there it goes!

New place – new kitchen – new oven.

Yesterday at 6.00pm –

Cooking some garlic bread in the oven.

I accidentally put the oven on the grill mode, instead of the normal oven mode.

After a couple of minutes I open the oven door to check on them.

I found burnt baking paper, chunks of black lumps (which were once bread) and smelly, grey smoke.

After a bit, the smoke detector goes off.

I quickly throw everything in the bin, open all windows and start fanning the detector like a crazy woman, trying to make the alarm stop.

It stopped for a couple of minutes, and went off again.

I opened the rest of the windows, continued waving the smoke out of the place and prayed no one was seeing me from outside the windows (thank God we live in the attic floor!)

Yankee candles went on, A came in, obviously smelt the lingering odour of smoke and burning edibles, looked at me and asked whether he should start defrosting something from the freezer.

But thank God the potato and leek soup followed by the thai prawn salad came out delicious!

I pray to live without hearing that annoyingly loud sound of the smoke detector’s alarm, ever, EVER, again.


2 thoughts on “Woop, there it goes!

  1. 😀 i sympathise! i only started cooking when we got married and ten months down the line, i feel much more confident. i can’t do much without a recipe but at least i don’t break into a sweat at the thought of using a pan. having said that, you’re one ambitious new cook…thai prawn salad? wow!

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