A wedding, some fights and lots of shopping!

I have been here in England for two weeks now, and in some ways it seems as if I have been here for much longer than that. I have considerably improved on the cooking front (A’s words not mine!), cleaning is not half as bad as I thought it would be and M&S food store has become my favourite shop lately – and the one I frequent the most! The only thing that I can not get used to, and which I must have mentioned before today, is the weather. It’s Malta’s October weather here in England. As much as I hate the extreme heat and unbearable humidity, I do long for an hour just sweating away on a sandy beach getting a much-needed tan (believe me, MUCH-needed). So that’s why I am very thankful that we’re off to Malta next weekend πŸ™‚

I had my first English wedding this weekend, and I was very curious to see how it was going to be. The only slight experience I had with them up until Saturday, was by watching Four Weddings, and believe me, that did not exactly make me jump with joy at actually attending one. However I was pleasantly surprised. We were invited for the evening drinks and the buffet, and since it was A’s practice manager who tied the knot, his co-workers were all there. We all stayed at the same hotel and left for the reception at 8 which was held at a lovely golf club which had spectacular views. Once we arrived, we had a couple of drinks, A’s nurses had a couple more than we did, and then the DJ started throwing out the corniest songs ever which I absolutely loved!! I had not danced to Tina Turner’s Simply the Best in ages, if I ever did, and we had a laugh singing into our ‘microphones’…hand-shaped microphones, that is (‘we’ does not include A!) The nurses became quite drunk at a certain point and one of them informed us all that she had ‘pulled a Paul’. Of course with her accent, I had to ask her three times what she was actually saying. Later on during the night she informed me of her progress vis-a-vis Paul, but her response was too graphic for me to write here without being booted out of word.press. Let’s just say that she got to know him very well during the course of the night.

After the wedding we drove back to the hotel where another wedding was being held. We had a couple of drinks in the lobby and witnessed a fight between two guys and a girl, and it ended up with the police coming over, arresting both men (with a young girl calling ‘daddy, daddy?!’ while they were taking her father away). We then woke up with shouts and insults being hurled in the room above ours (‘you insensitive lizard’ being my favourite). We did not exactly miss the hotel. So we left for Bluewater and landed at John Lewis where we house-shopped. Truth be told, I have never taken a real interest in home decorations since I never had a house of my own. But this flat is our chance to experience all that, and I could have easily stayed for hours at John Lewis going through the bath towels, linen and the chinaware. Every house section was divided into different colour schemes and patterns and the designs were so delicate and intricate. I loved the rugs, the vases, the laundry baskets – everything! We spent Sunday evening unpacking our purchases and finding them a place in our place.

All in all it was a lovely Sunday πŸ™‚


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