Exercising the Wii Way

I curretly have lots of time on my hands since I am what I have never been before – unemployed. Though this status will shortly change soon  (hopefully!!), at the moment apart from household chores and meeting up my friend Nat for coffee and running around the centre, I am otherwise free. It is nice for the first couple of days, but I have now noticed myself becoming a bit lazier at times – sleeping in at times and slowly becoming the official Queen of Procrastination! I have also gained weight which is not surprising considering I am spending a quarter of my day indulging in food-relating activities – starting off by preparing A’s lunch, breakfast for myself, cleaning the fridge and cupboards, food shopping, cooking and checking out recipes for the following days. My jeans are tighter and I am now the not-so-proud owner of a pair of slowly-growing, but definitely there, love-handles. I hate the gym, going for a walk alone is boring and so I’ve purchased the slightly-less-than-lazy female option for exercising. The Wii Fit.

I am sure it works if I get myself to stick to a regime of sorts. So I have set up an hour each morning which starting as of tomorrow, since I only just received it now, will be my Exercise Hour.

Let’s see how seriously I can take this.

Wish me luck xxx


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