This Is It

Yesterday evening we saw Michael Jackson’s This is it on Sky. We did not get to see it at the cinema, mostly because A is not really an MJ fan, but I always wanted to take a look into his last days as an acting performer. And yesterday evening, I got my wish.

I loved MJ when I was growing up as a child. I vividy remember singing along to everyone of his songs and trying to copy his dance moves. MJ and Madonna were my two favourite artists growing up, and whilst along the years I have kept on buying every Madonna album, learning the words to every one of her songs and even getting to see her at concert two years ago, MJ got a bit weirder as the years passed by and in my opinion the quality of his songs never reached the pinnacle of the 80s when he was at his best. My mother loves telling me the story about how one day Thriller was on TV and I was so scared of the cemetery scenes and the gory ghosts and zombies, I could not stop crying. Today, I love the music video, I love the dance moves and I love the chillingly-haunting laugh at the end.

Seeing him at the end of his days, it was quite sad seeing how dificult it was for him to dance and sing at the same time. He was so thin and the clothes literally hung off him. However he was still focused, he still commandeered respect from the other dancers and workers on set and he definitely knew his music. I believe that under all the glittery outfits, the aviator sunglasses and the white socks, he was still a kid at heart, and many people took advantage of his naive character, ultimately leading to his untimely and highly unexpected death. And that is just sad.


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