Forgive me, but I have sinned…again!

So I went to the High Street yesterday afternoon, intending only to pop by M&S and stock up on some greens and fruit. And on the way there I passed by Karen Millen, and saw the magical words written on their display “20% off sale price”. I kept walking past by because my bank cards were silently crying for me not to go in, but the temptation was too strong and I eventually entered the shop….and found the cutest pair of shoes ever. Violet peep-toes with a big sequineed bow on the side of the shoes and medium-height heels. They’re simply adorable and are quite comfy as well due to their heel size because I usually always go for the highest-yet-most-uncomfortable-heel ever. They were very reasonably priced – I got them for £30 when their original price was £135!

They're similar to this pair, but violet in colour and with a bow instead of a corsage at the side. Please bear with my absence of a camera :S

I found this beautiful satin jewel top which I also bought.

The price clinched the sale for me!

And then I found this dress…

They have it in yellow and black and I love the ruffles at the end! I love the dresses the store stocks. They’re all fairytale-like with beautiful colours and the most amazing material I have ever set my eyes on! They’re definitely eye-candy!! I still haven’t bought this dress but I’m popping by there today just to see if it’s in my fate to have it or not. The salesgirl told me that the sale would be ending very soon, so I’m hoping to find it still today. The only thing I’m unsure about is the colour. I loved the yellow and they have it in my size, but black is more elegant. Ah choices, choices and choices!!


2 thoughts on “Forgive me, but I have sinned…again!

  1. you’re forgiven! with those prices it would be a sin NOT to get them if it’s something you really want. and the dress i’d prefer in yellow…i’m so bored of black.

  2. The yellow was so pretty but I haven’t bought a black dress in ages because I always go for the colourful ones. So I was thinking of getting it in black. Then again I look at the yellow colour, and my heart melts a bit heh. I don’t know what to do!! Of course I have to find it still on sale first!!

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