Tragedy and shame.

I have my opinion about the events that happened in Gozo last Sunday. To say that it is a tragedy is an understatement, especially to the wife/mother who lost her whole family in an instant. I know what loss means, but suffering such a blow in such magnitude is beyond me. May God be with her in this awful and hard time.

I do believe that if you play with fire, you will eventually get burnt. I don’t agree with the people who say that the making of fireworks are a hobby. It stops being a hobby the minute lives start getting lost. I watched an interview on a Maltese news station and the fireworks enthusiasts who were interviewed said that Sunday’s events do not put them off continuing doing what they do, and one of them said that accidents could happen in a car, on a plane – everywhere basically. While that comment may hold some truth, there is no denying that the risks in fireworks’ factories are a hundred-fold more dangerous.

I grieved for the six victims, especially for the lady who had only just gotten married and was reportedly pregnant. I do not know her personally but still I felt such sorrow and helplessness for the innocent life growing inside her who will never be known, who will never have a name or a life, but will just be one of the victims of the terrible event. Why would she go to a fireworks’ factory whilst pregnant? I don’t know, probably no one will. It was one decision which she paid for with the most precious thing she ever had – her life.

With regards the debate going on about the Gozitan feast which was still held, I don’t care that the victims were not from that village, I don’t care that the external activities have nothing to do with the parish church, I don’t care that some thousands of Euro were collected during this morning’s march. Six, or more accurately, seven lives were lost. They were Gozitans. Not only are their families grieving, a whole country is. In my opinion, the least that could have been done was cancel the whole thing altogether. There is such a thing as respect after all. Money may help in such a time, but it does not spell respect. Of course not everyone shares my opinion…just read this and try and keep your mouth close whilst doing so:

“we paid thousand of euros, which were blown up like this, and now you’re asking for the feast to be cancelled as well, more thousand euros to be blown in vain too?? are you serious?? ”

I didn’t make that up. That is actually a commented posted on That is beyond sad and disrespecful.

Amazingly so, the Church, the omnipotent entity who dictates about how a woman’s place is at home and not at workplace, who completely eradicates any sense of secularization our country should have, who preaches about solidarity and brotherhood, is silent. Not one word, not one statement. Wasn’t it perhaps the correct time to step in and practice what you preach?


3 thoughts on “Tragedy and shame.

  1. i couldn’t agree more with you on every single count. i’m disgusted and saddened. i know the family by sight and one of the victims’ wives is an old friend of mine and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around all this. i can’t start to imagine how it feels for the few members of that family left alive. i live in xaghra and heard some fireworks this evening. i’m speechless, really.

  2. The comments on TOM really shouldn’t be given any credit. With all due respect, most people who take the time to comment on the articles are bigoted fools. That website has become truly tragic.

    Re the explosion, as you said, if you play with fire, you will eventually get burnt. It’s only a matter of time. Unfortunately the people working in these factories seem to have a touch of a God-complex… “It won’t happen to me”. Alas…

    It’s really very sad, and way too many this year.

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