Queen Peggy bows out

I first started watching Eastenders about ten years ago when mum and I were flipping through the television channels and stopped to watch this British soap on the then BBC Prime. We then made it a point to watch each and every episode, slowly became hooked on it, and have watched it ever since. Lately I have abandoned the show because of other commitments, but Eastenders is basically like any other soap. You may miss a couple of episodes, but whenever you tune in again to the show, you always catch up on the story-line. Anyone watching the never-ending trauma and turbulations of Beautiful will understand perfectly well.

Eastenders is set in London’s East End. It’s full of hard and tough people, chavs acting it out to their best and rough voice tones. But I secretely love it. And yesterday evening, whilst A was sleeping on the sofa (which usually occurs every night at 9.30pm), I watched the most dramatic episode ever – when the soap’s meeting place, The Queen Vic, gets burnt down and is totally destroyed. The pub’s owner, Peggy Mitchell, is saved but the pub isn’t, and I have just read that after tonight’s episode she will definitely leave the show for good. Which I find sad considering she’s been on the show for sixteen years and was the toughest mother on the Square and probably the most-respected and resilient character the show had. She’s 73 years old, but looks much younger. I read that she had five abortions during her life because she never wanted children as a result of her father abandoning her when she was younger. Hmmm….

The Queen Vic going down to the ground

Well, good luck to Barbara Windsor! I will, embarrassingly-so, miss her on Eastenders!

The Magnificent Peggy Mitchell


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