Sweet City of Mine

I love cities. I love the quick pace of it all, the bustling crowds, the traffic jams, the quick pace of the life there, the anonymity of it all – I absolutely love it!! Visiting a city brings me a rush thrill and I feel recharged after being there for a couple of minutes. I love the fact that everyone minds his own business, is always rushing to this or that appointment, you see cosmopolitan life at its’ best, you can run down the main road in your undies and I’m definitely sure no one would as much as blink an eye.

New York City would be the epitome of the ideal city, but considering it’s too far away for me to visit every couple of weeks, I am now lucky enough to have London an hour away from my home. And to think that until four years ago I had never even visited it! A and I went on holiday to London for a week during summer, and my love affair with the city started. It holds beautiful memories for me – as said we had our first holiday together there and A proposed to me there as well πŸ™‚ We’ve spent the past two Valentine’s Day there, we had great fun at two concerts we went to there, we have walked in Hyde Park and laughed when passing through the Speaker’s Corner, we have discovered the amazing Princi (which I definitely recommend to anyone visiting the Soho area). I love visiting Primark and meeting the whole Maltese population visiting London at the moment.

Yes I do love London πŸ™‚

So today A went to the city in the very early hours of the morning for a training course, and I’m going to visit this beautiful city for an afternoon of just wandering away and getting lost in the crowds. I’ll be a Londoner for the day!


4 thoughts on “Sweet City of Mine

  1. ah i envy you! i love cities too and london is amongst my favourites (after paris, of course). having said that, i’ve recently started appreciating the countryside more…a sure sign i’m growing older! have fun!

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