Mexico, Greece, Cuba, Brighton and a bit of Hythe..

These past couple of days have been quite busy and hectic, and as a result I’ve abandoned my blog. But here I am again πŸ™‚

We had A’s friend over for the weekend and on Friday, along with one of A’s workmates, we went for a Mexican tex-mex meal. We had the jumbo-combo for starters which had delicious chicken wings, nachos and guacamole and a lovely tomato salsa, amongst other tasty things. I had the spicy chicken for mains and A had a half-tableful of ribs. We ate, we drank and surprisingly enough, considering the spices and food we had consumed, we even slept well.

Our Greek friend had his birthday on Saturday. His parents came over to visit from Greece and they don’t speak a word of English between them, so it was very difficult and a bit funny at times, considering we were with his girlfriend Nat who is Slovakian, the other Greek co-worker, our German friend and A’s Maltese friend. You see it’s a bit of a conundrum, and you’re welcome to try and understand it if you can. He speaks Greek with his parents and his co-worker, he speaks Slovak and English with his girlfriend, and English with the rest of us. Afer a couple of bottles of wine, he ended up speaking English to his parents and Greek to us πŸ™‚ His mother is a typical Mediterranean mother. She’s very affectionate and kind, she remembered our names from when we met in Athens last year, and welcomed us with a big hug and several Greek words to which we could only nod and say ‘yes, yes’. His father is short, slightly roundish, always smartly dressed and constantly playing with a set of beads he has on a string – very similar to a rosary bead, which he swings around his fingers. The mother prepared several plates of Greek food, which included a cheese pie (similar to our torta tal-gobon), stuffed vine-leaves, the most tender lamb ever, Greek feta salad, tzatziki and honey, succulent black Kalamatta olives and other delicious nibbles. Together with the wine we were drinking, the Greek father was constantly pouring us shots of ouzo which burnt my insides but which he consumed as easily as drinking water.

The mince and rice stuffed vine-leaves, covered in cream and sprinkled with Parmesan shavings...hungry yet?

Then the cake came along, which did indeed taste even better than it looked!

Oops I've revealed ages!

The birthday boy doing the honours…

With a tummy full of food, feeling slightly tipsy and out in cold, windy night, we then headed off to a Cuban bar, where more wine followed, some Mojito’s were added to the alcoholic mix, some clumsy dance moves were tried (and failed), and we woke up Sunday morning to a killer headache and one of the worst hangovers I remember having. But it was a wonderful evening πŸ™‚

After some much-needed coffee, a couple of paracetemol tablets and a long shower, and feeling just slightly better, we then made use of the newest member of our little family – our new set of wheels, and headed off to Brighton! Now I’ve always wanted to head over there, mostly because I have been wanting to see Brighton Pier for such a long time, and therefore off we set! After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived and it was even nicer than I was imagining. It has beautiful and architectural theatres, lovely small cafes, cobbled streets full of shops, and of course the Pier which is basically a child’s, and in our case an adult’s, dream come true. Water rides, haunted houses, roller-coasters, knock-the-cans-and-win-a-teddy-bear games, sweet shops and cream tea shops.

And yesterday brought a beautiful surprise as well! A finished work a couple of hours earlier than usual since his nurse had to leave as she was sick, so we headed off to Hythe where we went through the old city’s streets and walked on the Marina Parade which is absolutely beautiful, with a 180 degree view of the sea. The weather was summer-like, with the sun shining and the skies were all blue and cloudless. It was a beautiful afternoon πŸ™‚

At the end of our walk on the Marina, we came across this bench which had this small memorial plate on it. And I thought it was so touchingly sad but at the same time it put a smile on my face, that someone could have loved someone, lost them, yet remembered them with such love and affection πŸ™‚

Loved and lost...


5 thoughts on “Mexico, Greece, Cuba, Brighton and a bit of Hythe..

  1. Great post! I have to admit I laughed to myself here in the office this afternoon as I read about your Maltese, Slovak, Greek dinner party. That would have been a great night!!

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