O ye of little faith…

I have a full-head of thick hair. And I mean really thick – the thickness that means I can wash it in the evening, go to bed and wake up to a wet pillow and damp hair. Also, considering it’s length, it tends to get a bit tangled up when I wash it, so suffice it to say that I never used, nor will ever use the ‘washing-hair’ excuse. In fact it’s the one thing which I almost dread doing the most.

When living on The Rock, I tried to postpone my hair-washing as long as I could, and would leave the difficult feat of washing and drying to my angel of a hairdresser. Like I’ve previously said on this blog, the weekly visit to the salon marked and cemented a great friendship with my hairdresser, and a weekly meeting for a coffee and a chat. During summer-time, when The Rock’s sky-high humidity level would mean that drying my hair is equivalent to throwing money down the drain, I like to scrunch it and let it lie loosely. But after a couple of days of that, I would start yearning for sleek and straight hair, so back to the hairdresser it would be.

In England I’ve tried finding a suitable hairdresser who is even close at being as the one I have in Malta is. However I’ve come to notice that the average English woman’s hair is as thick as my fringe alone, and both hairdressers I’ve been to have looked at my hair in wonder, and have asked me the same question – whether all that hair is actually mine. Apart from the fact that they do not how to handle thick hair – one hairdresser had to ask two, YES 2, assistants to help her comb my hair (now if that doesn’t make you feel like a freak in a hair salon, nothing will), and another one broke her comb in my hair (sigh..again, freak show!), their end result left me looking like a great, puffy-like balloon. However the second hairdresser used a magic device after drying it, which although is aimed and marketed for ‘thick or Afro hair types‘ (I’ll stop with the freak-ish comments now. You get the gist), it worked wonders on my hair. Ladies and ladies, I present to you the ghd Salon Styler

So after tracking it online, and found a great deal from a ghd-approved site, I placed an order for one. And after giving them my card details and confirmed the order, the deed was done, and I never heard from them again! I never got an e-mail confirmation, I did not find a contact number on their website and my questions on the contact page were left unanswered. Then, to make matters worse, I checked my bank account, and I was charged twice for the product! I was convinced I had fallen for an online scam, and not only had I lost the ‘great deal’ but I was also charged double for something which I probably would never receive. I have bought hundreds of things from the internet, make-up, clothes, shoes, mobile phones, books – you name it, I bought it, and I had never fallen for a scam until then. Or so I thought.

Because I have had the DHL man just around now, and he delivered my ghd! True, I only got one, but at least that’s half my money saved, and I might receive the second one – who’s to say no? And I’m thankful it’s an original one, with a certificate of originality, all neatly placed in an original box with a CD on how to use it etc. So today, I’m a happy chick!

And so, for the time being, the glass is half full.

Who knows, it might be fully-full by the end of the week 🙂


...After 😉


7 thoughts on “O ye of little faith…

  1. we have the same problem. in fact, i washed my hair at 6.30am and it’s still wet. i think you’ll have less problems there though, since the water is much softer. does it make a difference to your hair?

  2. I have Clare! But no one answered my queries and when I found an e-mail address on the site, I wasn’t given an answe either. So now I’m hoping for a second ghd to arrive, and then ebay it is! At least the one I received is an original!

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