One sweet two sweet?

I have a diabolical sweet tooth, and I mean crimson-red blood-thirsty sweet tooth. I am an official sucker for the bright-coloured sugar-filled sweets with their shiny wrapping and fancy names and logos. This is one point A and I argue about, considering his job is to make sure I stay off such sinful delights, whilst I try to illegally smuggle them into my bag and our home. I was caught red-handed and even redder-faced last Saturday when my bag opened in the car and wrapping after wrapping came out on A’s lap. “Oh, those have been in there for ages!” was my pathetic excuse…

At the moment my crazes include Twizzlers and Jelly Belly beans. I particularly love the latter sweets, with their precise and sharp taste which means it’s as if you’re actually eatng a roasted marshmallow or a strawberry cheesecake. As for the Twizzlers, once you start eating them, I’ll bet you can never ever stop!

So many colours, so many flavours!!

One twizzler never too many

We found this sweet shop last Sunday in London which sells typical American and Japanese sweets which you don’t find in a typical shop. It’s called Cybercandy and we found it in Covent Garden. Apart from the weird Japanese sweets with cartoon faces on the wrappers and neon colours, my heart missed a small beat when we went inside and saw a whole aisle dedicated to Twizzlers and another central shelf full of Jelly Belly – every single flavour you can imagine was there. A was sweet not to even flicker an eye-lid when I bought a bit of each. Of course I did not overdo it because I needed a ride back home 🙂

I also found Lucky Charms cereal which I love, think for the sole reason that it reminds me of when I was younger and would love eating the cereal bits and leave the marshmallows for the end, when they would colour the milk with pinks, blues and greens. I never found it in Malta, and neither in England, till Sunday. However the price was ridiculously high – nearly £7 for a box of cereal? I don’t understand what makes it more expensive than other cereals selling in other chain supermarkets.


2 thoughts on “One sweet two sweet?

  1. I love that shop! Such a trip down memory lane, I love seeing all the “old” sweets that you don’t really see anymore in regular shops. The reason Lucky Charms are so expensive is because, as far as I know, they’re not actually available here so they’re probably imported just for that shop/chain, which makes it more expensive.

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