Good to be back :)

Hello…from Gozo!!

We arrived here last night, or to be more precise early this morning, and I can just say it’s grrrrreat to be back 🙂

The weather is absolutely perfect, our temp house is now furnished (although I have to send a stern e-mail to the suppliers about some things), I had a tearful reunion with my car which I am now missing more than ever since A got his brand-new one, and meeting up family and friends has been purrrrrfect! I woke up this morning to the sound of Victoria’s incessant church bells pealing away like crazy, dogs barking and an angry mother yelling at her young boy. We had a typical local ‘breakfast’ at Jubilee of coffee and pastizzi, had a bout of road-rage trying to find a parking, and nearly ran over a lady wearing a pair of leggings and a top informing us that she was ‘World’s Best Grandmother’ – pity she has not yet realized that sidewalks are meant for pedestrians, not the middle of the road.

All I can say – BLISS!

Do I sound happy?

Guess what, I am 🙂


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