What would YOU do?

During the past couple of months nearly half of the English football team has been embroiled in some scandal or other of sorts. We have read of mistresses, one-night affairs and affairs, hitting first one, then another and then some more of the players. The list, which i know of, consists of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Peter Crouch. These people have weekly paychecks which equal the annual earnings of an average person, they have wives and girlfriends who have nothing to do all day except go shopping, pose for the cameras and come up with new ideas on how to exploit and make the most of their position. Yet they lack the one most important thing – self-dignity.

David Beckham has been claimed to have several extra-marital sex encounters, Wayne Rooney cheated on his PREGNANT wife, John Terry cheated with his best friend’s girlfriend and the latest news to hit the stands – Peter Crouch did it as well. As soon as such news erupts, a big fuss is made. Magazines set up interviews with the grieving partners, pictures of them appearing all doe-eyed and in pain explode on the internet, and then a couple of days later we hear how their husbands/boyfriends whisk them away to a tropical island (a’ la John Terry) or Prague (a’ la Rooney) and now Dubai (a’ la Crouch) and all is well, settled and apparently forgotten.

But would YOU forget and forgive?

It’s probably easy to judge when you have not been in the same situation as them, but then their world is totally different from what constitutes a normal lifestyle. These women are famous only for being companions of famous sportsmen. Sure Posh Spice had a ‘career’ (of sorts), but her popularity shot sky-high when she married her husband. The power of two is most definitely stronger than the power of one. And these women know that!

But think about it. You’re pregnant and you learn your husband cheated on you with two professionals of the sex industry. Or you find out your boyfriend cheated on you at the same time you learn you’re pregnant. It is not an easy decision to make, whatever the situation. However as much as the boyfriends/husbands are totally useless tossers, they are the ones who earn the money and offer these women the lifestyle the live. And I guess that it is very difficult to let go and start living an ‘ordinary life’. Although I guess and admit that when children are involved, the decision can prove to be more difficult.

One minute everyone is 'devastated' and shocked...the next it's cuddly time in Dubai!

I am lucky to have never experienced this sort of betrayal. But being the sort of person I am, I would definitely not stand up and bear it. Nothing beats disrespect and cheating in my book – not from friends and especially not from the one person you share your life with and who is supposed to be there for you in thick and thin.

I guess money does complicate things and makes certain decisions much harder to make. But does self-dignity have a price? Self-respect and a rich person’s lifestyle…I know which one I prefer!


2 thoughts on “What would YOU do?

  1. i really don’t know what i would do. i’ve gone through pregnancy on my own and it’s no walk in the park. they might still get the financial support if they leave their rich boyfriend/husband but emotionally it’s the worst time in one’s life to be abandoned or betrayed. then again, some people say that forgiving their partner changed their relationship for the better. i hope never to have to make such a decision.

  2. Same here!! It is a difficult decision to make. Do you stay with the man and forgive and forget, or do you cut him off completely and start anew? Like I said, with children it’s difficult and your needs don’t always come first, but being alone, I know what I would do!

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