A not so smartphone…

My current mobile phone is a touch-screen smartphone. Or rather it was a touch-screen phone once upon a time, till that moment I spilt water on it and the touch screen’s precision is as accurate as a blind man’s attempt at archery. For now, typing a simple message takes minutes, making a phone call involving the digits 8 and 0 are near-to-impossible feats and thanks to all this, I can’t make the most of the phone’s features. And mind you, the phone rotates from landscape to portrait view, which means that I have to sometimes rotate it three-way before managing to write a single word. ‘Frustration’ is an under-statement.

Before all this it was a pretty great phone. It changed my opinion about the notion of touch screen phones, and I was a firm believer! I coaxed A to get a touch-screen phone – he was lucky enough to get the iphone. To think I actually argued with him that my phone’s screen was way better than his!

So I went to a repair shop here in England, who offered to either repair it for £65 or buy it from me for £10. Hard decision….not. Suffice it to say that I am still stuck with it, hopefully until next week when the phone shop will have received its’ stock of a normal and simple smartphone (i.e. no touch screen involved in any way whatsoever), and I will be able to type a message in a reasonable time-span, without rotating my phone from left to centre to right and appearing to be the town’s idiot juggling a mysterious piece of yet-unknown-to-man apparatus.

I was thinking of switching to a simpler phone which will undoubtedly have a much-longer life span than my current phone, however I am afraid I am now addicted to the concept of the smartphone, where I can receive e-mails, facebook and twitter updates and msn messages all at once! I love being able to do a hundred things with my phone, contacting anyone with any means possible and as annoying as it can be at times, nothing beats assigning different ringtones to each mode of messaging. Then switch the phone off when abroad, put it back on when returning back home, and spend the next five minutes listening in to your personal symphony of the modern world 🙂

(N.B. Only do the latter when in a secluded area cut off from everyone else. You don’t want anyone to lash out at you or your mobile!)


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