Bucilla time!

With winter slowly kicking in, and cozy nights on the sofa with a cup of coffee watching television sounding more and more attractive, it is time to start, or rather continue, my winter hobby which I love doing. I am talking about the Bucilla Christmas Kits. I usually start doing them in September when summer nights slowly disappear and the cool weather begins. And when I start, there is no stopping me, because I get absolutely absorbed in the whole thing and sometimes spend hours just sewing this and that. The end results are real gems, and so pretty. I have done quite a lot which are in Malta at mum’s house and I won’t even ask her to give them to me because I know she treasures them and they do decorate a house quite nicely. You also appreciate them much more than any Christmas decoration you buy at the shops because so much love and time has gone into each and every stitch, and it shows. I have done gingerbread houses, advent calenders, nativity families, the Santa family and wreaths amongst other things. I have given one as a gift but vowed never to do again because it actually pained me having to do so, and only because I wanted to keep it for myself!

These are some of the ones I’ve done!


I have never done stockings, of which Bucilla have hundreds! So this winter I have chosen three, which I hope I’ll finish by December, and have something to decorate our temp house in Gozo! I chose

This one is for A πŸ™‚

This one is for me as I've always loved her!

Oz Christmas!

And this one which will get hung when the time is right πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Bucilla time!

  1. Oh yes, they do take up loads and loads of time and they definitely don’t help my eyesight, but the end results are perfect πŸ™‚ I just saw the first christmas ad on tv – with more than two months to go!!!

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