Snappy sitcoms…

There have been lots of sitcoms and television series along the years, and for myself, a television addict at times, that is an absolute godsend. I have watched episode after episode of many of the series out there, and while some were not worth their dusts’ worth, others have given me many laughs and reruns and repeats of them never bore me.

I loved Friends – I think everyone did! It gave us the ‘Rachel-do’, Joe’s ‘how-you-doing?’ and the annoying yet catching Smelly Cat tune. It set the bar high up there for other sitcoms which followed and some have managed to reach that level. Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip/Tuck (Dr. Christian Troy is an absolutely arrogant yet fascinating character) and Boston Legal are amongst my all-time favourites. I sometimes laugh till I cry watching Two and a Half Men which I love. On the other hand, I never really got Scrubs though it’s an absolute favourite with many audiences considering the number of seasons it has going for it.

But my Best Sitcom Award goes, without any shadow of a doubt, to Frasier. The pretentious Crane brothers with their high and sophisticated tastes sometimes appear as intellectual snobs yet they always seem to find themselves in the most awkward situations! Niles’ crush on Daphne, Frasier’s failed love interests, the ever-absent Maris and Eddie the Dog have entertained me for hours at end! I love the show’s wit and sense of humour. Niles describing his love life as ‘participating in sweet carnal delights’ and the brothers’ ongoing ranter about the best sherry and linen out there, is second to none.

I’m sad it’s over but thank God for the Comedy Channel and DVD rentals!


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