What are chairs without a table?

In the long months and most probably years it will take to build our home, what with the totally unreliable and jibberish behaviour and requests from our newly-sworn enemy MEPA (the Maltese out there will at this moment probably nod in agreement), we’ve temporarily (permanently in a temporary way, more like) moved into a penthouse which we’re trying to furnish at the moment.

Yes, ‘trying to furnish’ because after placing an order to furnish the whole place back in May and being promised it would all be delivered and installed by the end of August, we’re currently at the end of October, and I’ve just received a frustrating email from the supplier telling us that the table has not been shipped on the container which just left Italy and the chairs are out of production.

He was kind enough to supply us with a temporary table till the new one arrived…

My fingers are just itching me to reply to his email and give him a piece of my very angry mind. I want nothing more than going back to Malta and having my own place which I can, at the moment, call home. At the moment we have a fully furnished penthouse, totally uninstalled, a table supposedly arriving next month, and no chairs to sit on…

Because you see, when they first delivered the first batch of furniture, they could not install them because they claimed that the person with whom we placed the order did not give them the plan of the fixtures of plugs etc in the place. So they would have to come again in order to fully install them. And they have not yet come of course.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous and I am seething with anger!!

In the meantime, it’s back to looking at kitchen chairs.


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