Spooky Sunday!

After a weekend of nightmares and dark thoughts (and no, they weren’t Halloween-related), the bad news I had feared evaporated into nothing, and I got the best news instead 🙂 Yesterday morning was nerve-wrecking, but after receiving that all too-important phone call, I could enjoy the day to the full!

And so we went, along with out friends, to Dover Castle and enjoyed Halloween there. The day was surprisingly beautiful as were the Castle and its’ grounds. I love castles, I love the old buildings, the stony corridors and uneven floors, musty smells and small windows. I love thinking that actual people lived in these buildings, lived their lives there, cocconed in their safe nest away from the turbulations happening outside, most of the times to their ignorance. The view from atop the Castle was absolutely fascinating, having the whole of Dover beneath you and looking closely enough, we could even see Calais in the distance! We visited the war tunnels which contained actual pieces from the Second World War. Being Halloweed we embarked on the ghost tour, which was more family-oriented than gorily scary, but interesting nonetheless as we go to see some of the ghosts ourselves…..well, okay, actors playing ghosts 🙂 We all had fun and were laughing the whole time, and we’re all near the 30 year-old mark, so I can only imagine how adventorous it was for all the children there. I will definitely visit this place again with children!

Say what we do about the English, they have one thing which no one can complain about. They have a strong sense of organisation, are very precise and take pride in their culture and history. We were guided into finding the parking, were met by a minibus waiting for us and taking us directly to the Castle, were given a detailed explanation of the Castle, its’ grounds and the things to do and see, the ghost tour left right on time, and heading back to the car, we found an organised queue (no cutting queues here!) and waited for a couple of minutes for the minibus to come for us again. The Castle is kept immaculately clean, the grounds’ lawns are precisely trimmed and totally weed-free.

Here are some pictures, not very good quality since I forgot my camera and had to use my mobile phone instead!


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